We are bio-dynamic farmers (bio=life, dynamic=energy). 

Our relationship with agriculture is based on techniques that have consistently proven to build environments that produce plants with high nutrient density and high production yield with no negative impact on the natural environment. We are engaging the community, farming in harmony with nature, reducing green waste to landfills and producing high quality food. 

Our Vision:

Our philosophies and practices are focused on healing nature by healing and enhancing the biodiversity of our community. What is unique about this is that as bio-dynamic agriculture methods farmers we:

  • Make our own Compost with added beneficial herbs, flowers and fungi for remediation of urban green waste.
  • Make our own soil amendments and liquid fertilizers from our own compost.
  • Grow vegetables from seed.
  • Plant, cultivate and harvest on days correlating to the moon cycles and ideal conditions for plant types.
  • Share and partner with other farmers for exchanging farmer insights, crops, seeds and raw material.
  • Provide community involvement and produce fresh food for our community.



Nuri Icgoren – Owner/Farm Manager

Marc  Douglas – Admin/Groundskeeper