Kassie L.
I have known Marc for over three years, long before the existence of Deep C Wellness. There is no one that listens better than Marc, and I know that this is what he is meant to do. He is extremely insightful and has a great deal of knowledge in the healing arts. What I love most about Marc is that there is never any judgment. Every time I see him, whether it be for a session or just to chat over coffee or dinner, I always leave feeling better. No matter from what one may suffer, Marc helps to find ways to improve quality of life. All this and he has a tremendous sense of humor (and gives great hugs)!

David M.

I have to thank Marc for giving me the best massage that I have had to date. I really enjoyed what he could do and was very relaxed afterwards. Not to mention that I actually fell asleep for the first time during a massage! What a difference that was.

Steve H.
I had the pleasure of experiencing a massage by Mr. Marc “DaSharc” and I highly recommend his service. The relaxed atmosphere,  positive energy and professionalism are all outstanding attributes for Marc’s massage service. In addition,  he exhibited complete focus and attention to me during the session.

Mark K.
I have a neck injury which acts up every so often and I have found that massaging in general helps ease the tension that builds up.  Marc’s therapeutic massages are about as good as it gets in Atlanta.  Not only does my neck feel normal again, but I am able to engage in more strenuous activity than I have been able to in the past.  Marc has not only improved my pain but he has helped me to increase my quality of life.