Mema’s Garden

These sweet and spicy delights are made with love using fresh organic ingredients from the family garden or locally sourced from a nearby urban farm, and our blackberries & muscadine grapes are hand picked from a vine which grows wild on the property!

Our current offerings:

Jams & Preserves – We have blackberry jam, raspberry-plum jam, peach preserves, fig preserves, and our very own invention, “MuscaBerry” Jam, which is made with a deliciously balanced blend of Muscadine grapes & mixed berries!


Chow-Chow – made with fresh heirloom tomatoes, cabbage, jalapenos with onions and bell peppers. Perfect for giving a sweet zing to beans, peas, greens, pork chops, roasts, or…pretty much whatever! Available in spicy or mild.



Muscadine Pepper Relish – made with muscadine grapes and organic jalapenos, this sweet & spicy relish can be used as a glaze or marinade, atop cream cheese on a bagel or poured over a block of blue cheese as a spread, or simply as a dip with some nachos. YUM!


Dill Pickles Spears & Spicy Pickle Chips – cucumbers from the garden pickled with dill, garlic and other spices.




*All jars are 8 oz (except pickles, which are 16 oz) and are available for $6 each (plus shipping costs, if any). All payments are received as a donation to
the Ministry of Vibrational Expansion.
Please contact us via email to place an order, and be sure to let us know if you require shipping or wish to work out alternate expressions of exchange.

(Inventory may vary throughout the season.)

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